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SnapSplit iPhone Case Magsafe

SnapSplit iPhone Case Magsafe

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Experience the ultimate in iPhone case design with the revolutionary SplitCase. Engineered for the modern iPhone user, this case combines stunning aesthetics with unmatched practicality, ensuring your phone is always ready and radiant.

Why You Need the SplitCase:



Detachable Design Innovation: Featuring a unique two-part detachment just below the MagSafe ring, the SplitCase allows for hassle-free wireless charging without sacrificing style.



Crystal Clear Top: Show off your iPhone’s true colors with a top cover made of highly transparent, anti-yellow acrylic that preserves and showcases the phone’s sleek design.



Colorful Bottom Choices: Tailor your tech to match your style with a selection of vibrant bottom covers available in orange, blue, gray, pink, white, purple, and black.

Effortless Functionality: Snap on and off with ease. The SplitCase's design ensures a secure fit while making the process of attaching or detaching utterly seamless.



Slim and Lightweight: Designed to be feather-light and ultra-thin, the SplitCase provides protection without bulk, making it feel like a natural extension of your phone.

Enhanced Protection: With raised edges around the camera, your iPhone’s lens stays safe from scratches and impacts, ensuring it’s ready for every photo opportunity.



Magnetic Absorption:This iPhone Mag-Safe case has built-in 26 powerful small magnets with a maximum suction force of 15N, r! Ensures a secure connection with all MagSafe-style accessories and instant real power. The precisely aligned design achieves a 1:1 maximum output for fast and safer charging.


Elevate Your iPhone Experience:

  • Stand Out with Style: Unique in form and function, the SplitCase turns heads while turning up the convenience of your iPhone usage.
  • Perfect Fit for Every Lifestyle: Whether you’re a busy professional, a creative soul, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, the SplitCase is your phone’s perfect match.

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