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Quick Release Ice Tray Maker

Quick Release Ice Tray Maker

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Effortless Ice Making: Our water injection press-style ice cube tray revolutionizes ice-making. Simply fill the tray with water, press down, and watch as perfectly shaped ice cubes effortlessly pop out. Say goodbye to twisting and tapping traditional ice cube trays!

The user-friendly design allows for quick and easy ice cube removal - simply pull the strap to pop out the cubes without any mess. Say goodbye to traditional ice cube trays that require tedious refilling and struggle to release the ice.


Efficient Ice Production: Generate 21 cavities ice cubes at once, each measuring 0.98 inches in size. The ample capacity ensures an abundant supply of ice for various occasions, catering to your needs effectively.


Versatile Usage: Utilize this ice bin for a myriad of purposes including fruit-infused drinks, cocktails, or coffee. Transform it into a water bottle with built-in ice cubes for a refreshing and versatile beverage solution.


Convenient Cleaning: One-piece removable design allows thorough cleaning from all angles. Simply rinse with water before use for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring ease of use.

Safe & Healthy: Crafted from food-grade plastic, this ice tray mold guarantees the safety of your beverages. Enjoy peace of mind with every sip knowing your ice cubes are free from harmful substances.



Made from BPA- and odor-free materials, this ice tray is not only durable but also effectively prevents lingering odors. Versatile in its use, you can create ice cubes for fruit-infused water, cocktails, soda, or coffee. Additionally, you can fill the ice bin directly with your favorite drinks and use it as a portable water bottle with built-in ice cubes. Upgrade your beverage experience with the ice tray mold today!

Material: Food Grade Plastic
Features: Convenient Cleaning, Effortless, Versatile Usage

Package Includes:
1 x Ice Tray Mold

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