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Cozy Pet Bed

Cozy Pet Bed

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Ease your furry fam's anxiety NATRUALLY 

More than 70% of pets suffer from anxiety! 

The Snuggle Nugget™ Plush Pet Bed mimics the comforting warmth only your dog (or cat's) mother could offer, giving your pet a sense of security & comfort, leading to a happier, stress-free life full of snuggles!

Eliminate joint pain and prevent arthritis


Filled with the softest plush, Snuggle Nugget™ protects your pet's bones from getting worn out, inflamed, & damaged from lying on cold hard floors.

 raised edges make the most perfect resting place for your pet's head
 anti-slip bottom (safe)

Better sleep when you're not home

Our pets develop anxiety by waiting, restlessly, for us to come back after being gone for extended periods of time Snuggle Nugget™ provides the most inviting sleeping space for your fur baby to sleep peacefully while you're gone.

 no more chewing or scratching the couch


bed size recommended pet size (example breeds)
20" (50 CM) cats, puppies, chihuahua, mini dachshund, pomeranian, small wesland terrier, yorkshire terrier
26" (65 CM) dachshund, mini schnauzer, bichon frise, shih tzu, maltese, beagle, jack russell, french bulldog, big westland terrier
31.5" (80 CM) border collie, boxer, bulldog, french bulldog, poodle, maltese, beagle, border collie
39.5" (100 CM) 2 small dogs/cats or a labrador, golden retriever, australian shepherd, husky, american staffordshire terrier
47" (120 CM) 2 small dogs/cats or german shepherd, great dane, akita inu, doberman, rottweiler, cane corse, mastiff



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